Enjo For L2 Support Teams

Before Enjo

Front line customer support teams rely on L2 teams for more technical support. The L2 team has to switch over from their work and manually check Jira for open issues. Discussions are inefficient, response times are slow and issues fall through cracks.

After Enjo

L2 support teams now receive customer requests directly in their Slack or Teams channels. Discussions are immediate and automatically synced with Jira. Improved response and resolution rates result in improved customer satisfaction.

Troopr make supporting employees easy

Resolve requests automatically

Don't waste time answering repetitive questions from L1 team

  • Automatically answer from the team knowledge base directly in your support channels.
  • Quickly find and share that helpful article from knowledge sources like Confluence, Sharepoint etc with the L1 support team.

Support naturally

Just discuss customer tickets in Slack or Teams channels while Enjo takes care of the rest.

  • L2 support agents get notified directly in Slack or Teams.
  • L2 support agents update tickets by just posting messages in Slack or Teams.
  • L2 support agents can easily track open requests in their support channels.
Troopr make supporting employees easy

Share actionable insights

Don't wait for SLA breaches to take action. Engage your team proactively with smart actionable insights in Slack or Teams. Use prebuilt report templates or build your own workflow automations.

  • Get alerts on pending tickets that don't have an update in a while.
  • Keep every stakeholder in the loop by bringing key insights into Slack or Teams.
  • Monitor and improve usage and adoption with easy-to-digest charts and activity logs.

Dream11 is a USD 8B sports technology company based in Mumbai, India. It is a strategy based online sports game with 1000+ daily contests and 13 crore+ users.


IT teams have dedicated public channels where they collect requests from employees and dedicated private channels where they assign and work on open tickets


IT teams continue to collect requests in a manner similar to their previous Slack process, with updates now seamlessly managed between Slack and Jira.

Wayfair Inc. is a USD 4.5B American e-commerce company based in Boston that sells furniture and home goods online. Founded in 2002 and currently offers 14 million from more than 11,000 global suppliers


They tried building Slack bots in-house but that proved to be both a time-consuming and expensive exercise. Management of custom solutions were also distracting their teams from their core work.


They have connected their Jira Software to Slack channels to bring context and updates to Jira issues, and tickets to Slack and make it easy for them to take action directly from Slack

Trusted Security Excellence

Best-in-class security trusted by thousands of leading brands in the US and around the world.

Our security practice includes state-of-the-art encryption, trusted infrastructure and service partners, periodic third party audits and continuous monitoring to ensure that your data is always secure. Made by founding team with 4 decades of experience at some of the largest enterprises with industry leading security measures.