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  • Leading global crypto exchange/trading platform 
  • Over 1,000 remote employees across 176 countries 
  • $600B+ traded volume in 2022, $1B+ annual revenue



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AI Solves HR Support Overload for Global Crypto Leader

A leading global cryptocurrency exchange automated HR with Enjo AI, enabling 80% employee self-service and a 95% satisfaction rate.


  • Enable frictionless onboarding for new global hires through automated support
  • Provide instant 24/7 HR assistance to the company’s 1,000+ remote workforce
  • Automate the entire employee HR service desk request handling process
  • Train AI models on historical tickets and knowledge bases to identify gaps
  • Deliver quick, contextual, human-like responses with cited sources
  • Allow employees to access HR support seamlessly through Slack
  • Improve data quality across knowledge sources while masking sensitive data
  • Automate ticket creation, routing and approval workflows in Slack
  • Continuously optimize performance through insights and iteration


A leading global cryptocurrency exchange, founded in 2011, faced mounting challenges supporting its rapidly growing remote workforce. With over 1,000 employees scattered worldwide, HR requests surged, leading to delays and impacting employee satisfaction and productivity. Their existing system struggled to handle the volume, and inefficient self-service options led employees to bypass them for direct contact with HR, creating a workload bottleneck.

As a remote-first company with a rapidly growing global workforce, their HR team faced significant challenges in delivering efficient employee support at scale. With over 1,000 employees working remotely worldwide, the volume of HR requests surged, leading to mounting response delays that impacted employee productivity and satisfaction.

One major hurdle was the cumbersome and slow nature of existing help desk portals. Employees often found these self-service channels difficult to navigate, prompting them to directly message HR staff on Slack instead. This not only created additional manual work for the HR team in triaging requests, but also raised concerns around maintaining confidentiality for sensitive personnel matters.

Moreover, with no centralized knowledge base to learn from past interactions, the HR service desk repetitively addressed common queries, further straining their limited resources. Manually tracking, categorizing, and reporting on key metrics like average resolution times, request types, and customer satisfaction scores proved arduous and impeded data-driven process improvements.

As the company’s headcount continued to expand worldwide, their existing labor-intensive support model risked becoming unsustainable from both a cost and operational standpoint. Plummeting response times loomed as an inevitability without a radical shift in approach. Recognizing the need to revolutionize their workplace for the future, the company turned to generative AI and automation to transform HR support delivery.


To address these mounting HR support challenges at scale, the company partnered with Enjo after an extensive evaluation phase. Enjo's generative AI platform offered a cutting-edge solution by securely integrating with the company’s existing knowledge repositories, ticketing systems, and communication channels to provide human-like automated support.

They initiated a strategic three-month proof of concept, with the initial focus on delivering instant, personalized assistance to employees through private Slack conversations as well as automating key approval workflows. Enjo conducted an in-depth analysis of the company’s historical helpdesk data, identifying knowledge gaps, request patterns, and specific automation requirements for the HR team.

With consultations from their security teams, Enjo established secure connectivity with their on-premise systems, including their Confluence knowledge base and Jira ticketing instances. A dedicated Enjo AI copilot was configured for the HR team, seamlessly connecting to relevant knowledge sources, Slack channels, and Jira projects. Enjo's AI models were finely tailored to match the team's personality and needs.

Integrated directly into Slack, Enjo empowered employees to input requests in their preferred language and receive instant, contextually relevant resolutions without navigating knowledge bases or live agent queues. Enjo also automated the creation of corresponding Jira tickets based on request intent, streamlining inquiry tracking and routing directly from Slack.

For approval workflows, Enjo sent actionable nudges directly to approvers in Slack, enabling them to accept or reject requests with a single click. Persistent reminders ensured pending approvals received timely action, significantly optimizing this previously manual process.

Robust testing, customization, and feedback loops accompanied each rollout phase as multiple use cases spanning employee onboarding, training, communications, and IT support were deployed in parallel. Stringent data security protocols safeguarded all sensitive information across knowledge sources and generated responses.


2-3 days to minutes

Response times reduced


HR team's time freed up from repetitive tasks


Employees now self-serve HR queries via Enjo

450 hours/month

Saved on automated approval workflows

Accelerate support with Generative AI

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