Instant employee support in Slack

Experience faster resolution of employee IT requests with the seamless integration of Confluence and Jira in Slack.

Resolve employee requests faster

IT teams cut employee support time by 80% while freeing time to focus more on things that matter.

Troopr make supporting employees easy

Resolve requests automatically

Don't waste time answering repetitive questions from employees and don't expect employees to login into your knowledge base and research and find answers to their problems.

  • Answer automatically from the team knowledge base directly in your support channels.
  • Find and share helpful suggestions from knowledge sources like Confluence, Sharepoint etc with employees in Slack or Teams.
  • Ticket and track chat conversations in Jira automatically when the suggestions did not  resolve the request.

Support employees naturally

Don't ask your employees to figure out where and how to fill in a form to resolve their requests. Let them naturally report and discuss in Slack or Teams channels while Enjo takes care of the rest.

  • Turn your Slack or Teams conversations into Jira tickets and keep them updated in both places without any manual work.
  • Click a button in Slack or Teams to approve requests. Managers no longer need to check emails or navigate Jira for approvals.
  • Collect CSAT feedback instantly with emoji surveys directly in the Slack or Teams conversation.

Track Metrics

  • Track Deflection- Track the rate Enjo had confident and sufficient response.
  • Track Acceleration- Track the rate Enjo had helpful response with pointing relevent links.
  • Track Usage- Track number of users actively interating with Enjo.

Don't take our word for it

"If we didn't had Troopr, our work would require multiple systems, will probably take a hit on our offshore adoption rate which is nearly doubled over the past year. For those who are considering Troopr I would jump into this opportunity to work with this incredible team.”

Manager of Global Business Strategy & Operations

World's leading music streaming platform

Dream11 is a USD 8B sports technology company based in Mumbai, India. It is a strategy based online sports game with 1000+ daily contests and 13 crore+ users.


IT teams have dedicated public channels where they collect requests from employees and dedicated private channels where they assign and work on open tickets


IT teams continue to collect requests in a manner similar to their previous Slack process, with updates now seamlessly managed between Slack and Jira.

Wayfair Inc. is a USD 4.5B American e-commerce company based in Boston that sells furniture and home goods online. Founded in 2002 and currently offers 14 million from more than 11,000 global suppliers


They tried building Slack bots in-house but that proved to be both a time-consuming and expensive exercise. Management of custom solutions were also distracting their teams from their core work.


They have connected their Jira Software to Slack channels to bring context and updates to Jira issues, and tickets to Slack and make it easy for them to take action directly from Slack

Trusted Security Excellence

Best-in-class security trusted by thousands of leading brands in the US and around the world.

Our security practice includes state-of-the-art encryption, trusted infrastructure and service partners, periodic third party audits and continuous monitoring to ensure that your data is always secure. Made by founding team with 4 decades of experience at some of the largest enterprises with industry leading security measures.