Enjo Knowledge

Instantly answer employee requests in Slack

Automatically answer repetitive questions in Slack with suggestions from your Confluence knowledge base or wiki.

Built for Support Team

Automatically answer internal support requests in Slack and Teams. Get automated answers, quick find commands, fallback ticket tracking and more.

Confluence docs in Slack and Teams
Enjo shows confluence docs in Slack

Activate automatic answers

Enjo provides human-like answers generated from information in relevant Confluence pages.

Search on-demand

Find and share helpful suggestions from knowledge sources like Confluence, Sharepoint etc with employees in Slack or Teams.

Answer existing message

Trigger a search on existing Slack or Teams conversation using message action and reply with suggestions from Confluence.

Setup in few clicks

Connect one or more Confluence spaces to your Slack or Teams channel. Repeat the same in any number of channels as you need.

Use in Slack shared channels

Set up Enjo to auto respond to requests in a Slack shared channel when working with people outside your organization.

Track Metrics
Enjo assists users to track metrics of confluence

Track Deflection

Track the rate Enjo had confident and sufficient response.

Track Acceleration

Track the rate Enjo had helpful response with pointing relevent links.

Track Usage

Track number of users actively interating with Enjo.

Confluence docs in Slack

Activate automatic suggestions

Troopr automatically suggests matching articles for every message in the channel from Confluence. It ensures that your employee queries are answered immediately.

Search on demand

When Troopr answers does not resolve the request, you can trigger a search on the request on-demand and share the appropriate result as an answer in the channel.

Answer existing message

Trigger a search on existing Slack conversation using message action and reply with suggestions from Confluence.

Setup in few clicks

Connect one or more Confluence spaces to your Slack channel. Repeat the same in any number of Slack channels as you need. 

Use in shared channels

When working with people outside your organization, you can setup Troopr Wiki to auto respond to their requests in shared channel. 

Tuning Confluence Search

Customize matching type

Use loose matching to find articles where any of the keywords or phrases in the message match or use tight matching type to match articles only when all keywords or phrases match

Customize matching scope

Confluence pages will be found based on matches found in selected fields of the page. Set it to just ‘title and label’ or ‘Title, label and content’.

Use keyword aliases

Configure aliases to commonly used words so that matches can be made broader to include all aliases.

Collect feedback

Collect Upvote or downvote for the suggested articles to improve the performance and accuracy of results for the future queries.

Add to Wiki

Convert Slack conversation to a Wiki article so it can be used to answer similar requests in the future

Track Metrics

Adoption report

Track count of people in your organization engaging with Troopr over a period of time and find ways to improve adoption.

Usage report

Track the spread of usage including automated suggestions, on-demand search and article creation in the past 90 days.

Activity log

Track the requests that were answered automatically and corresponding feedback to continuously improve the quality of your Wiki.

There’s more

Fallback ticket tracking

Ticket and track chat conversations in your ticketing system automatically when the suggestions did not resolve the request.

Multi level access control

Enjo supports administrator roles at both copilot level and workspace level. Every Enjo copilot and Enjo workspace can have one or more designated administrators.

Works with Confluence DC or Cloud

Enjo Slack and Teams integration for Confluence fully supports all features in both the on premise (Data Center) and cloud versions.

Built for Enterprise

Enjo is built to meet the security and reliable performance requirements at large enterprise deployments.


Enterprise grade security

Enjo has been built from the ground up with security in mind. We partner with external auditors annually for SOC-II and ISO 27001 compliance.


Built to handle scale

Enjo’s server hosting infrastructure leverages AWS EC2 Auto Scaling to maintain availability and performance by proactively provisioning capability.


24*7 Premium support

Enterprise customers can rely on a dedicated shared channel in their Slack or Teams workspace to get easy access to priority support from Enjo.


Support for Slack Grid

Enjo is installed in all workspaces in Slack Grid, Enjo allows for seamless functionality within shared channels within Grid workspaces.


Enjo Assistant Whitelabeling

You can customize the name of the Enjo copilot in Slack or Teams to better resonate with your team or your company brand and personality.


There’s more

Dedicated account manager, prioritized feature requests, custom contract & invoicing, vendor risk assessment, extended evaluation and implementation assistance.

Dream11 is a USD 8B sports technology company based in Mumbai, India. It is a strategy based online sports game with 1000+ daily contests and 13 crore+ users.


IT teams have dedicated public channels where they collect requests from employees and dedicated private channels where they assign and work on open tickets


IT teams continue to collect requests in a manner similar to their previous Slack process, with updates now seamlessly managed between Slack and Jira.

Wayfair Inc. is a USD 4.5B American e-commerce company based in Boston that sells furniture and home goods online. Founded in 2002 and currently offers 14 million from more than 11,000 global suppliers


They tried building Slack bots in-house but that proved to be both a time-consuming and expensive exercise. Management of custom solutions were also distracting their teams from their core work.


They have connected their Jira Software to Slack channels to bring context and updates to Jira issues, and tickets to Slack and make it easy for them to take action directly from Slack

Trusted Security Excellence

Best-in-class security trusted by thousands of leading brands in the US and around the world.

Our security practice includes state-of-the-art encryption, trusted infrastructure and service partners, periodic third party audits and continuous monitoring to ensure that your data is always secure. Made by founding team with 4 decades of experience at some of the largest enterprises with industry leading security measures.